June 2019

International Applied Research Conference.

“Topical Issues of Retinal and Optic Nerve Pathology. Postoperative Eye Conditions.”

Tentative programme

Dear Colleagues!
We would like to invite you
to take part in
Podillya - Retina 2019 Conference.

The objective of the conference is to reinvigorate the ophthalmological community and to start an open discussion of the retinal pathology issues that practitioners find most topical. Be more European,do not hesitate to discuss the difficulties associated with the introduction of latest medical technologies,complications and rare cases.

We will try to create an informal atmosphere for discussions.We use “Enjoy Ophthalmology!” as a motto for our summer conference.The format of the conference is “no talk extracts, no ties”.Why “no talk abstracts ”? We want to encourage more practitioners to give speeches, and for some of them writing abstracts can become a stumbling block.

.Why “no ties”? To ensure more open communication. After all, it is a sunny summer in Gostevia.Dress code: Smart casual. Elements of national costume are welcome.

The “no ties” format in no case affects the observance of the conference procedure or session arrangement rules.

The conference is oriented more towards practical then academic aspects.We want to hear not only recognized experts in surgery, but also novice retinologists.

As part of the conference,we are planning to organize the first ever in Ukraine live broadcast of vitreoretinal operations and to hold training courses for aspiring vitreoretinal surgeons.

The hospitable Podillya region welcomes the guests.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Yours, MD, PhD

Andrii Serhienko

Conference topics:

  • Age-related macular degeneration.
  • Changes in the eye after surgery.
  • Posterior segment tumour management.
  • AlCON Satellite Symposium.
    Live surgery.
  • Lecture delivered by the Ukrainian Association of Practicing Eye Surgeons
  • Retinal circulation disturbance management.
  • Digital methods of retinal examination. Sharing of medical information.
  • Genetics of retinal and optic nerve diseases.
  • Surgeons`Club “My Case”
  • The Amsterdam debate: Laser vs anti-VEGF treatment.
  • Management of inflammatory diseases of the retina and optic nerve.
  • Management in a private eye clinic.
Event Location:
Vinnitsa city Gostevia Venue:
Gostevia is one of the most luxurious hotel and restaurant complexes in Vinnytsia region. This complex is perfect for those who cherish themselves and their time and wish to relax in a place where a pleasant and friendly atmosphere prevails. The location of the complex offers the opportunity to enjoy the harmony of peace and quiet ,fresh air and stunning beauty and natural grandeur of the forest.


Dear Friends!

On 23 June 2019, we offer you a rafting adventure on the Southern Buh River in Vinnytsia region. This is a fascinating route down the non-extreme rapids of the Southern Buh. You will be admiring the surrounding unique nature while the qualified and experienced rafting instructors will be in charge of the whole rafting experience.

The route along the Southern Buh,from Vorobieva to Pechera ,is easy,fascinating ,safe and accessible to everyone .You will have a chance to see the unique beauty of local nature and raft the most famous rapids.


Medical Center "Ophthalmology Clinic of Professor Sergienko"

Association of Ophthalmologists who are engaged in surgical practice

Under the auspices of:

Department of Health Vinnitsa Regional State Administration




Registration for the conference is suspended


Medical Center Prof. Serhienko`s Ophthalmology Clinic,
Vinnytsia Pyrohova str., 47A

With any questions related to the participation in the conference (registration,general information) and participation of legal entities,please contact the Medical Center Prof. Serhienko`s Ophthalmology Clinic.

Trachuk Olena Vasylivna

+38(098) 262-84-53